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Frauen ins Parlament!

Podium at Politforum Käfigturm, Bern, 20 August 2019.

Moderation: Jasmin Odermatt (Swiss Youth Parliament)

Panelists: Sarah Bütikofer (Political scientist, editor DeFacto), Marina Carobbio (President of the National Council, Council of States candidate), Michelle Schweizer (National Council candidate), Beatrice Simon (Member of the Government of the Canton of Berne, Council of States candidate), Jessica Zuber (Campaigner alliance F, Helvetia ruft).

Der Ständerat – Vertretung der Kantone oder der Parteien?

Presentation at the Swiss Council of States Conference: Historical Fossil or Future Model, organized by the Forum of Federations in cooperation with the Institute of Political Science of the University of Bern.

28 June 2019, Chamber of the Council of States, Parliament Building, Bern


Making your research visible outside the field.

Roundtable, organized by the Young Scholars Forum, Swiss Political Science Association Annual Conference, ETH Zurich. 14. February 2019.

Moderation: Clau Dermont (Post Doc IPZ)

Panelists: Alexandre Afonso (Assistant professor University of Leiden), Sarah Bütikofer (Political scientist, editor DeFacto), Karin Frei (Journalist and television presenter), Georg Lutz (Director FORS)

Building Political Support.

Bütikofer, Sarah (2019). Building political support. With contributions of: Falk, M., Last, L., Neu, U., Paschke, M., Pavageau, C. and C. Rey. In: Paschke, M. and Dahinden, M. (eds.). Engaging in the science-policy dialogue, Workbook 6. Zurich: Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center & Puchheim: Idea Verlag.

Das Parlament in der Schweiz. Macht und Ohnmacht der Volksvertretung

Das Parlament in der Schweiz. Macht und Ohnmacht der Volksvertretung.

Book presentation, Käfigturm Berne, 20 september 2018

Moderation: Sarah Bütikofer

Panelists: Adrian Vatter (Professor for Political Science, University of Berne), Andrea Caroni (Member of the Council of States), Flavia Wasserfallen (Member of the National Council)