Selects Media Analysis - Election campaign 2015


Selects - Media Analysis 2015

The Selects Media Analysis complements the voter surveys that were conducted as part of the Swiss Election Study (Selects) project.

The media analysis follows two goals. First, it allows investigating the content of the election campaign in the Swiss media preceding the 2015 federal elections. Second, it makes it possible to refine the analysis of the opinion formation process during the various phases of the campaign. In contrast to previous media content analyses, the 2015 Selects Media Analysis relied on an automated content analysis method. This allowed broadening the scope of the analysis, by covering a much larger number of newspaper articles and by including more sources, from all Swiss regions. 


Project lead and coordination: Bruno Wüest and Sarah Bütikofer

Project collaborators: Adrian van der Lek and Fionn Gantenbein

Project duration: August 2015 to May 2016